Jonne Aaron - Dance With Danger
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Säv. & san.: Jonne Aaron

Laulu: Jonne Aaron
Soittimet: Jimmy Westerlund, Tom Diekmeier & Hannes Pirilä

Äänitys ja miksaus: Jimmy Westerlund
Masterointi: Jimmy Westerlund

Tuottaja: Jimmy Westerlund

Kansi: Timo Snellman

A&R: Pekka Ruuska

Kaiku Recordings 2021

  • Sanni S.
    Sanni S.

    It's like coming home hearing Jonne singing in English.

  • Heljä Laari
    Heljä Laari


  • POEstMortem

    So awesome! Missed your voice singing in English ❤

  • Blackie Wild
    Blackie Wild

    Awesome 🖤❤️💋

  • P.S

    Love it ! It so great to listen to him singing in english again ! ❤️❤️

  • Brenda ten Brinck
    Brenda ten Brinck

    Amazing song . Beautiful voice and person.

  • Heidi Pekkala-Liedes
    Heidi Pekkala-Liedes

    👍Sama englanniksi kuin suomeksikin

  • ingrid w
    ingrid w

    (LYRICS⬇. CORRECT ME IF I'M WRONG. thanx 😊) Dance with danger🔥 The wind and the rain are bending the trees The breeze in your face is so cold it gives you the shivers The city is sleeping A-rock in the cradle Makes you earn every stone on your own But you can’t find the answer Is it all just a fantasy? (Is it) all just a make belief? You’ll get trapped if you dance with danger Too many question marks (are) Hiding behind the door You’ll get killed if you dance with danger And just when you’ve figured it out You stumble upon a new set of troubles are knocking behind your door The easy way out might lead you out of the dark But you only will be chasing your shadow back to the start The city of sirens The echoing hallways A lonely child in the dark is crying but no one can hear her These streets have no mercy These streets have no feelings No matter how hard you try In the end you will end up bleeding Is it all just….

    • sandy luv
      sandy luv


    • ingrid w
      ingrid w

      @MINI VIT Yeah! Mine, too. Changed it

    • MINI VIT
      MINI VIT

      Sounds in my ear, that's ( earn )

    • MINI VIT
      MINI VIT

      Thanx to U for this👍 good job

  • Tatjana Inginen
    Tatjana Inginen


  • Light Hunter
    Light Hunter

    Awesome, so enjoyable to hear!!

  • Bands ILove
    Bands ILove

    Thank You Jonne Fantastic to hear you in english again

  • Birgit Grothoff
    Birgit Grothoff


  • Tuula Ruotsalainen
    Tuula Ruotsalainen


  • Nika Suomi
    Nika Suomi

    Finally song in English! Beautiful! Keep on going, Jonne!

    • Hanna-Maria Haapanen
      Hanna-Maria Haapanen

      Hyvä joka kielel❤

  • Heidi Salminen
    Heidi Salminen


  • ingrid w
    ingrid w

    🔥nice to hear it in English as well